Benefits of the Bar of Soap

Hand washing is a hot topic at the moment thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. And if the supermarket shelves give us any sort of clue… We’ve clearly been living around some stinkers for a while! 

With health authorities advising people to wash their hands regularly, for at least 20 seconds each time, is liquid soap better than a bar of soap? Is a bar of soap full of bacteria? Why are my hands so dry? Let’s bust some myths and then summarize our list of benefits!  

Bacteria – are they not just a bit gross? 

In short, no! Many studies have been carried out over the years to see if bacteria that forms on bars of soap is harmful or transferable onto your skin. A study in the early 90s by the Dial Corporation explored whether or not bacteria from a used bar of soap was transferred to the skin. The truth of the matter is, so long as you wash your hand properly (20 seconds) and rinse the bar before and after, any bacteria is long gone. You can view the study here

So in this regard, both hand bar soaps and liquid hand soaps are equally safe when dealing with bacteria, it really comes down to personal preference. Have you considered the environment?

The Environment 

What about those plastic bottles we’re all flying through in these current times. Okay, there is a pandemic going on, but what if there was a better solution for the world we all share? The bar of soap often has much less packaging than a liquid soap, it’s also lighter on carbon emissions to manufacture. 

Plus, we have a tendency to use more liquid soap per wash than we would if it were a bar. With little control over how much is released in each pump, you could find yourself running through your bottle 10 x as fast as you would using a bar of soap. 

Again, with many companies wanting to reduce their carbon footprint they’re looking into solutions for manufacturing and using eco friendly packaging – ourselves included. It’s just another factor to consider before you reach for that bottle of liquid soap. 

My hands are SO DRY!

Have you found your hands are getting really dry with all of this hand washing? You’re not alone. Many large brands take out a reusable ingredient called Glycerin to their hand washing products. Glycerin is praised for being more gentle and kind to skin, because it has a lower PH than other soap products and it can help the skin retain its natural moisture. Here at The Soap Story we keep all of our vegetable based glycerin in our formulas to create the best quality bar of soap! 

Be careful however, you can get vegetable based glycerin (which is what we use in all of our products, so you don’t need to worry when shopping with us) or animal fat based glycerin, which is obviously not vegan friendly. 

Range of Options  

Hand washing can get boring. But we have an exciting range of scentsational soap products to help get you through quarantine. Try a Jelly Soap, Magic Foam Soap, explore fun fragrances in our soap slice collection, try a Super Soap with added ‘super’ ingredients, check out our Toy in a Soap range, play with Wonder Whip soap and more. Just don’t give up and settle for something that’s no fun! We need all the fun we can get right now! 

Yes but let’s see this list of benefits! Okay, Okay….

  1. They are excellent cleaners because more lathering is required compared to liquid soap
  2. They’re formula’s tend to be more concentrated, so they generally do a better job at breaking down dirt and oils
  3. They are more cost efficient because they last longer
  4. They have been around for centuries – which is pretty cool 
  5. They are kinder to the environment
  6. There are plenty to choose from – Fragrance, Soap Slice, Jelly Soap, Soap Sponge, Super Soaps, Rolly Polly, Toy in a Soap etc
  7. The Soap Story uses vegetable based glycerin to keep the moisture in! 

Ready to stock up your soap collection? Shop now over at or read our block on hand washing during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

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