How can Bath Bombs help Remove Fake Tan?

The summer sun is making an appearance across the UK, and we’re delighted! But many of us are not naturally blessed with swarthy or naturally tanned skin. Many of us get our ‘kicks’ out of a bottle of fake tan to bronze up our purple toned, slightly transparent winter skin! (Sorry as a naturally pale and pasty girl, I’m getting real into this one!)

An important stage of the fake tanning process to prepping your skin. You need a fresh and even base before application. But when the weather is great for weeks on end, lockdown is easing, and your event calendar is piling up, how do you maintain that bronze glow?

You can’t just add fake tan on top of fake tan. It goes scaly, and patchy. Don’t fret. We have the answer to your prayers.

Top ingredients in our Bath Bombs for Fake Tan Removal 

1. Bicarbonate Soda and Citric Acid
Many bath bombs are naturally great at removing fake tan because of their basic ingredients such as bicarbonate soda and citric acid. It’s honestly not rocket science, most basic bath bombs are made with these! But why would you want basic, when you could give your skin an extra treat while you’re at it?

Soaking in the bath with these ingredients helps gently melt away unwanted fake tan residue left on your skin – even in stubborn patches like your elbows and knees. All while relaxing.

2. Avocado Oil and Sunflowerseed Oils
The moisturising super ingredients can help further lift fake tan and prep your skin for the next round of tanning. Why not grab your fizzing bath bomb and gently exfoliate your legs and stubborn patches while it’s going? You skin will be left feeling smooth and silky. Read more about the benefits here.

3. Vitamin C and E
Vitamin C is needed by the body to protect cells and keep them healthy, while vitamin E can help restore moisture to the skin and remove dead skin cells, and can also reduce the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles.

A winning combo for fake tan removal if you ask me! Read more about the benefits here.

4. Beautiful fragrances
The smell of fake tan ain’t cute. It can linger for much longer than you wish on your skin. Soaking in the tub with any of our bath bombs can help eliminate unwanted fake tan odors as well. We have a diverse range of fragrances from fruity, sweet, floral and even fashion fragrances, that are long lasting on the skin. 

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