3 Ways to use Jelly Soap!

Our wibbly, wobbly Jelly Soaps are made with seriously good ingredients
including amazing essential oils and carrageenan (seaweed extract) making them not only fantastically fun to use, but also amazing for your skin and mood!

Here’s 3 ways to get the most out of our Jelly Soaps!

1.) Use as a fun bar…

Our Jelly soaps definitely give you the feel good fun factor and are memorizing to play with! Chase them around the bath, lather up, rise off, squeeze them, poke them, wobble them, slide them, whatever you want… they’re great fun and make washing up much more fun!

PhotoGrid_1498486902704 (1).jpg

2.) Run yourself a bubble bath…

Tear (or slice like The Crazy Ammi Blog) bits of your jelly soap off and run them in a sieve under a tap for a bubble bath, they bubble up great and can fill the whole bath! Because the jellies are made with essential oils, let the lush fragrances fill the room! These will leave you smelling AMAZING!


3.) Squish bits into a shower puff or sponge!

Because our Jellies lather up so well, they are fabulous to use when you squish them into a sponge or shower puff!


Our Jelly soaps are ALL 100% Vegan Friendly, Hand Made in the UK and Against Animal Testing. Choose from Zing, Bang, Chillax and Bliss, all made with top notch ingredients and mood enhancing essential oils!

Any questions fire us a message! Check out our Stockist Map to find Soap Story near you!



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