6 Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oils!

The patchouli plant is a bushy herb that’s part of the mint family, and has long stems with purple or white flowers. The fragrance has an exotic, earthy musk and is truly beautiful!

We use Patchouli in our Chillax Jelly Soap because it smells incredible, and is also great for your body and your mind!

Here’s 6 benefits of using Patchouli Essential Oils:

  1. Patchouli is relaxing, uplifting and has antidepressant properties! Making the aroma fantastic for your mind and mood. This is why patchouli essential oil is so frequently used in aromatherapy; so sit back and relax!


2. Soothes inflammation (as a pure essential oil). It’s an Antiphlogistic, particularly great at relieving irritation from skin conditions and irritation in result of a fever. It’s commonly used to ease symptoms of eczema and dermatitis!

3. Eliminates and masks body odor and is used in lots of deodorant, aftershaves and perfumes such as Jo Malone and Burberry.

4. Prevents skin from sagging. Patchouli is amazing for your skin, it’s cooling and helps gently firm up and tone the whole body. I mean it’s not gonna give you abs over night but your skin will really appreciate it! It also helps scars fad too!

Chillax Jelly Soap

5. It’s a labido booster; Yes, it’s also an aphrodisiac! Patchouli has been used as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years, stimulating sexual hormones estrogen and testosterone!

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6. Removes toxins from the body… Cleanse me! Patchouli will leave you feeling great in so many different ways, which is exactly why you need some in your life right now! Run a bubble bath with Chillax Jelly Soap, let the aroma fill the room and cleanse your body and mind!


You can find AMAZING Patchouli essential oil in our Chillax Jelly Soap along with moisturizing Carrageenan (seaweed extract). Our Jelly Soaps are all 100% vegan friendly, hand made in the UK and against animal testing!

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