7 Ways to Get Smoother Legs in time for Summer

With the summer season approaching, lockdown restrictions easing and outfits to plan, you’re bound to be starting to think about those neglected winter legs. (It’s okay, most of us are in the same boat!)

If you want to rock your smooth and sexy legs you’ll need to exfoliate off those dead cells and get your skin back to looking buttery smooth. But it doesn’t just happen overnight, that’s why now is the perfect time to start prepping for your post-lockdown debut! 

We’ve rounded up the best ways to get smoother, fuzz-free, sexier legs in time for summer. 

  1. Scrub-a-dub-dub 

One of the keys to getting that “glow” is through regular exfoliation. Gently buff away aging skin cells, polish your skin clean and unclog pores. Products like our Soap Sponge and Super Soaps are fantastic for kind exfoliation.

It may seem counterintuitive to exfoliate skin that’s already dry but it’s key to staying smooth. When dead, rough cells build up, moisturizer and sunscreen can’t sink in easily so they don’t work as well! 

  1. Moisturise and Massage 

“The skin on our legs is more susceptible to becoming dry, rough, and cracked [than the rest of our bodies],” says Dr. Chwalek, who suggests applying a body cream that contains shea butter while skin is still damp to lock in even more hydration.

Our Skin Rescue Cream is an essential for your moisturizing part of the regime. A lightweight, ultra-rich, easily absorbed cream for skin in need of nourishment. Blended with smoothing Shea and Cocoa butters, lightweight but powerful Marula oil and softening Sweet Almond oil, this non-greasy cream is a powerhouse of replenishment and is suitable for use on any dry skin!

  1. Stay hydrated 

If you want your skin to look moisturized, healthy, and hydrated, you’ll need to do more than just exfoliate and moisturize. Drink more water ladies and gents, and you’ll begin to notice a boost in your beauty and all-around wellness.

  1. Don’t’ forget your feet 

Beautiful legs and the heels of your foot go hand in hand. (OR should I say Foot in Foot?) Scrub your feet with our pumice soap when showering or when taking a bath. As soon as you hop out of the shower pamper your heels with some moisturiser like our Skin Rescue Cream. This super moisturizing cream will instantly revive dry skin.

  1. Hair removal 

Always use a shaving cream or gel. It’s so important because it helps to soften hairs, making it easier to remove them close to the skin’s surface. Which in turn will reduce irritation (and those pesky red bumps). 

Also, try and replace your razor head every 5 – 7 shaves. Even if you rarely shave, the switchover should never be longer than a month because of the bacteria that builds up in between uses which can cause skin irritation and infections. 

Opting for a razor with a hydrating boost, along with a shaving cream will help your legs stay silky longer! Try our Wonder Whip Whipped Soap, perfect for shaving. 

TIP: Rinse your legs with cool water after your shave. Cool water will close the pores while you’re all clean, and help get the circulation going which provides a toning effect, AND helps the skin absorb your moisturizer. Who’d have known? 

  1. Exercise 

I know, exercise can feel like a bad idea. But some squats and lunges will help tone up your legs, and tone away some of the cellulite. 

Start going for a 10 minute walk a day, and work your way up to 30 minutes. Then integrate a quick 30 minute home leg workout on youtube to define your muscles and show off your new silky smooth legs with confidence! 

  1. Use protection 

Get your head out of the gutter. I’m talking about SPF. 

One of the worst things you can do is to shave just before you go out in the sun when your skin is sensitive. After all, you’ve just completely removed the protective layer of dead, dry skin cells. You need to give your skin time to recover from any redness or irritation. It’s recommended that shaving in the evening is best for your luscious legs. 

Did you know that you should actually be applying your sunscreen 30 minutes before you expose your skin in the sun? Your sunscreen needs time to penetrate into the skin and start working.

Using a sun cream is key to keeping your legs glowing during the sunshine season. Many of them are full of moisturizing ingredients and will help enhance your (now) smooth canvas. 

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