Dear Santa, shop by recipient!

Hey Santa, just checking in because this year has been a toughy, and I’m sure this Christmas will be very different as well. But don’t worry we’re here to help. 

Our Soap Squad Experts have been developing a ‘Shop by Recipient‘ catalogue on, which we hope will make your life a bit easier this festive season. Not only the standard ‘For Him’ and ‘For Her’, but now we’re introducing gift highlights for characteristics and personalities

For example, meet Sophie. Sophie has a gorgeous golden tan all season long, even in lockdown, EVEN in the dark winters. Why? Because Sophie is a ‘tan-a-holic’ and it make her feel fabulous. Now, Sophie doesn’t need anymore tan, she has enough inventory to last her years of lockdown. So what does one give Sophie for Christmas? 

Introducing ‘The Tanner’ gift highlight

This catalogue is full of skin care to compliment a self tan regime. From exfoliators, moisturizers and more. Gift Sophie a full pre-tan routine, or an aftercare routine. Heck, maybe even both – it has been ‘a year’ after all, she deserves it. 

Okay then, what about John. John now works full time at home because of the pandemic. He has a newborn baby around, a playful dog and his loving wife – who can’t help but pester him a little because hey, he’s at home and she could use the help! John is tired, John is stressed, John loves his family but he is sleepy. 

Introducing ‘The Sleep Deprived’ highlight 

This section is full of relaxing self care goodies, perfect for that someone who just needs to lock themselves away and for some TLC. Discover Jelly Soap, Bath Bombs and more selected by our expert team. 

What about Claire? We all know ‘a Claire’. Claire LOVES perfume. Before she leaves the house she’d actually choke you with the amount of fragrance on her person. You smell her before you see here…. A good smell though! We love Claire and wouldn’t change her for the world. However, Christmas is getting tricky because you can’t buy Claire the same perfume year after year. She’s starting to expect it and where is the Christmas magic in that?  

Introducing ‘The Fragrance Lovers’ highlight 

In this gift highlight choose from our range of Fine Fragrance Mists, Bath Bombs enriched with beautiful essential oils, Body mists and more. Discover our fashion fragrances like Rebel and Obsessed, bet she’ll love them! The perfect stocking filler or bundle is just a click away. 

Awk David. David is a great dude, he’s always putting other people first and tells the best dad jokes. David has been following all the COVID guidance over this year to protect his family and himself. At one point during the pandemic he was known as the ‘DID YOU SANITIZE THAT?’ man when anything new came into the house. David deserves a treat to spice up his sanitizing routine. 

Introducing ‘The Cleanster’ highlight

Say goodbye to harsh, smelly, dry and boring sanitizer. Say hello to locally made sanitizer, full of essential oils and an expert moisturising formula. This highlight includes our range of ‘repair and protect’ products. From all natural antibacterial hand soap, to spray sanitizer, to even dry hand rescue cream. David will love it – something, new, something different, and something local! 

We could go on, but better you find out more for yourself! Check out the highlights now and cut down on the tressing Santa. We see you. Chill out, have a Christmas cookie and order your gifts online with us this season. 

Even better? We’re an independent business, and our products are lovingly made by hand in the UK. Satisfy your ‘shop local’ ‘want’ at the same time. 

Best wishes, 

The Soap Story

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