Foam Soaps; you need one! Here’s 5 reasons why…

Soap Story Foam Soaps are a must have for your getting clean routine, especially if you’re a busy bee… here’s why!

  1. It’s fast and fun! Watch the liquid transform into foam at the push of a pump, then you’re ready to go – just like magic! No lathering necessary, which means less wastage too!

  1. There’s no ONE way to use it! Our Foam Soap is another soap-er smart multi-functional product. Use by the sink on your hands, used in the shower, in the bath, on a puff or sponge!


  1. Great for kids! Because it’s fast and fun… Foam soap makes washing hands and getting clean easier for all involved! Available in 5 eye catching colours and fragrances; Surf’s Up, Zesty, Tickled Pink, Heavenly and Sunrise!

  1. They’re all 100% Vegan friendly! … against animal testing and made in the UK!
  2. Made with Aloe Vera, making them not only soap-er fun to use, but also fab for your skin! “It’s great to have a product that immediately makes your skin feel re-nourished” – Rex and the City Blog 

Reviews, verdicts, feedback:

“The sorcery with this soap is that, its liquid, right? BUT when you pump it out, FOAM dispenses in your hands! MAGIC, girl, magic. Personally, I love how the smell literally wakes you up and brings life to you! You can wash your hands, lather it all over your body, join a foam fight, whatever. Also, it has aloe vera in it, so don’t worry about maybe having crocodile skin?” – The Crazy Ammi Blog 

“This soap is so much fun to use and my daughter loves it! She keeps asking to wash her hands now.” – The Opinionated Dad

“This foam soap has mostly been stolen by my fiancé who loves this product for his morning showers, I have to admit its so handy…it is a liquid soap that comes out of the pump bottle as a foam with a gorgeous scent to it. Perfect for the whole family to use, even the little kids can use this easily…with a fresh scent that suits boys or girls, contains Aloe Vera for soft skin. Verdict 10/10.” – Little Miss Beauty Boxes





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