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I love hearing about local retail businesses achieving success on a global scale. We have a quite a few of these hidden gems in Northern Ireland, and you’d never know, because their main focus isn’t necessarily the UK market.

I recently discovered Nectar, a brand which somehow sounded familiar, I was immediately thinking there was a connection with The Body Shop. I wasn’t too far wrong because it turns out Nectar has been around since 1981 and in fact opened its first retail store in Bangor in 1984 when I was a young 15 year old. Probably around the time I was kicking about Jerry Lang’s Harrison Musique record shop getting my 12 inch singles (remember them!) and enjoying my teenage years in Bangor.

The Bangor Nectar store saw the Carrickfergus cottage industry business take its first steps into further developing its brand and products which would eventually lead to a thriving worldwide network.

Initially Nectar produced a range of products formulated using Aloe Vera extracts. From small beginnings it has grown to become a comprehensive range of over 300 quality personal care products including skin, body & hair care products using only the finest natural herbs and extracts, which harness nature’s essence.

Amazingly they produce all their products at their head office site in Carrickfergus. Check out this video of their soap production in the factory…
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Soap Story

In 2009 the company developed their Soap Story brand. Aimed at a younger clientele this fresh fun brand was initially developed for their export markets but has recently launched across the U.K. The packaging is fun and funky and the products are vegan, not tested on animals and smell and feel fantastic.


They have soaps that look like cupcakes, they actually look good enough to eat. They have soaps that look like delicious pieces of cake. And they have just launched a wibbly wobbly Jelly Soap.


Their Jelly Soaps are made with seriously good ingredients including amazing essential oils and carrageenan (seaweed extract), and are a fun to product sure to bring a smile to your day.


If you’re looking to buy some Soap Story products, our favourite local department store Menarys have a range of the brand in a number of stores. Just look out for the display stands selling colourful and fun cake like products!

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