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A Realistic Guide to a Skin Detox

Detox is definitely a buzzword for January. It’s associated with fad diets, green smoothies, complicated and unrealistic regimes which can ultimately lead to disappointment and worst of all – feeling like you’ve let yourself down.  That’s why we’ve put together a soap-er simple plan to help you remove impurities, toxins and sooo 2019 dead skin. Instead we’re going to help you renew and nourish your skin – the biggest organ in your body (freaky we know).  If you’ve over indulged in the Christmas festivities you’re not alone in wanting to... Read More


Foam Soaps; you need one! Here’s 5 reasons why…

Soap Story Foam Soaps are a must have for your getting clean routine, especially if you’re a busy bee… here’s why! It’s fast and fun! Watch the liquid transform into foam at the push of a pump, then you’re ready to go – just like magic! No lathering necessary, which means less wastage too! There’s no ONE way to use it! Our Foam Soap is another soap-er smart multi-functional product. Use by the sink on your hands, used in the shower, in the bath, on a puff or sponge!  ... Read More


5 fresh benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil!

Our wibbly, wobbly Jelly Soaps are made with moisturising seaweed extract carrageenan and enriched with beautiful essential oils making them not only fantastically fun to use, but also amazing for your skin and mood! (As if you don’t know that already!) BANG Jelly Soap with peppermint essential oil, awakens the senses with freshness and is the perfect way to start the day! But what are the top benefits of bathing with peppermint essential oils? It comforts headache pain. BANG BANG BANG! Who’s there? Don’t worry it’s just our Jelly Soap... Read More


6 Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oils!

The patchouli plant is a bushy herb that’s part of the mint family, and has long stems with purple or white flowers. The fragrance has an exotic, earthy musk and is truly beautiful! We use Patchouli in our Chillax Jelly Soap because it smells incredible, and is also great for your body and your mind! Here’s 6 benefits of using Patchouli Essential Oils: Patchouli is relaxing, uplifting and has antidepressant properties! Making the aroma fantastic for your mind and mood. This is why patchouli essential oil is so frequently used in... Read More


Soap Story Crew SMASH target for Parkinson’s UK!

SO…… We decided it would be a good idea to push ourselves as a team and complete the 58KM Gran Fondo Giro D’Italia Northern Ireland together. What made it an even better idea? …To raise much needed funds for Parkinson’s UK. We are not professional cyclists, we cycle for a bit of fun, so taking part in an event like this as a team was challenging and very rewarding! We are delighted to have raised a great total of £895.50 + gift aid!! (Thank you!!) Parkinson’s can affect anyone at... Read More


3 Ways to use Jelly Soap!

Our wibbly, wobbly Jelly Soaps are made with seriously good ingredients including amazing essential oils and carrageenan (seaweed extract) making them not only fantastically fun to use, but also amazing for your skin and mood! Here’s 3 ways to get the most out of our Jelly Soaps! 1.) Use as a fun bar… Our Jelly soaps definitely give you the feel good fun factor and are memorizing to play with! Chase them around the bath, lather up, rise off, squeeze them, poke them, wobble them, slide them, whatever you want… they’re great... Read More