Parents; Bath time just got better!

Okay, so you already know our products are fabulously fresh and fun, full of top notch ingredients and pretty darn colourful; but did you know kids also LOVE to use our soap? From sweet scents to playful textures…. Yes, we’re making bath time and getting clean that little bit easier for all involved! Here’s our most loved Soap Story products for kids;

  1. Wiggly, jiggly Jelly Soaps!

Add some wobbly fun to your bath time with our Jelly Soap! Use as a fun, slippery bar,  (catch it if you can), tear some apart and run it in a sieve under a tap for a bubble bath or squish into a shower puff! They’re also 100% vegan friendly and come in 4 fabulous fragrances; Zing, Bang, Bliss and Chillax! It’s a squishy no brainier for kids!

2. Fun Foam Soaps

Watch the liquid transform into foam at the push of a pump, just like magic! Use by the sink, use in the shower, use in the bath, it’s up to you! They’re fresh, fun, vegan friendly and a no fuss option for parents and kids!


  1. Toy in a Soaps

Turn bath time into an adventure with our Toy in a Soaps, dive in with Percy the Pufferfish, make a splash with Waddles the Penguin or get quacking with Dippy the duck! Our Toy in a Soap range all have names and will add some playful personality to cleaning up! AND they’re all vegan friendly!


Kids also love our sparkly Cupcake Soaps (do not eat), Soap-er smart Soap Sponges and our scent-sational Soap Slices; particularly the more playful fragrances like Rhubarb and Custard, Belgium Chocolate, The Grape Escape, Cherrylicious and Watermelon!

You’re welcome!

The Soap Story Blog Squad say….

“Next out of the box was the BANG! Jelly Soap and it is safe to say this one is my sons favorite. He found it absolutely hilarious that it kept slipping and sliding all over the place!” – It’s Rachel Beauty

“Go and get yourself some Soap Story products to try yourself, you won’t be disappointed and if you have children it’s a no brainer  – Bath time + The Soap Story = Very happy mummy and happy happy baby.” – Rex and the City 

“This Foam Soap is so much fun to use and my daughter loves it! She keeps asking to wash her hands now.” – The Opinionated Dad



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