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With talk of current lockdown restrictions starting to be eased and phased out it is more important than ever to stay safe and clean when considering getting back to some sort of normality. 

From the very beginning of the coronavirus outbreak the messaging was clear around preventing the spread; wash your hands frequently with soap or use hand sanitizer. We like to think we’ve got a pretty cool range of soap to also prevent the spread of ‘BORING OLD SOAP PRODUCTS disease’. However with the increasing demand for antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer we decided to up our game. 

Introducing our latest range…..

New Hand Sanitizer Gel – 300ml & 200ml options

A convenient, no fuss, quick drying and skin kind instant hand sanitizer. Our brand new formula cleans and protects with 60% alcohol in the 200ml and 65% alcohol in the 300ml. We also added vegetable based Glycerin to help soothe and moisturise your hands, which could feel a bit tired and dry during all of the washing and sanitizing.  

The new sanitizer gels have a fresh allergen free green fragrance with notes of cucumber, melon, peach and strawberry combined with light cooling menthol and lime notes. So your hands don’t have to smell like a dentist… no offence to dentists. 

New Multifunctional Sanitizing Spray – 50ml

This sanitizing spray is a bit of a game changer when it comes to projecting and preventing the spread of germs. Not only can you use our moisturizing formula on your hand to help kill unwanted bacteria, you can now clean other items as well. Use a tissue and a couple of sprays to clean your phone, handles on trolley, your steering wheel and gear stick (when safe to do so), your glasses, keyboards, mouse, house keys and more. 

This bad boy might look small but it’s packed with over 400 (yes you read correctly) sprays! Perfect if you’re on the go. Made with a fresh and allergen free fragrance, find out more and grab yours now.

Coming soon – New Antibacterial Hand Soap – 250ml

PACKED with the good stuff. This is not your average hand soap or chemically stuffed antibacterial liquid soap, no no, the new formula is filled with naturally antibacterial essential oils. Enjoy a blend of lemongrass, eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree and peppermint essential oils. Again, we’ve added vegetable based glycerin to the formula to insure it’s not stripping the moisture from your skin. 

Stay up to date on our social media channels, Facebook and Instagram to find out when we’re releasing this truly special antibacterial hand soap.  

Coming soon – New Dry Skin Rescue Cream – 200ml

Are your hands feeling tired, dry and a bit sad from all the scrubbing and sanitizing? Prevent that dry skin feeling by using our new range with added vegetable based glycerin and allergen free fragrance, but if you find you need a booster, we’ve got you covered. 

Try our new Dry Skin Rescue Cream! A lightweight, ultra rich, easily absorbed cream for skin in need of nourishment. Formulated with smoothing shea and cocoa butters, lightweight but powerful marula oils and softening sweet almond oil, this non greasy cream is a powerful and replenishing cream for dry skin. 

Again, this beauty is coming very soon, so stay up to date on our social media channels, Facebook and Instagram to find out when we’re releasing this truly special antibacterial hand soap.  

Discover our available now range of sanitizers and grab our special bundle for a 300ml and 200ml of Hand Sanitizing Gel PLUS a Sanitizing spray for only £15.99. Find out more and stay safe. 


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