The Soap Story – New Dog Shampoo Range

We at The Soap Story are known for our handmade soaps, bath bombs, and other luxurious bath products but did you know we now offer bathing luxury for dogs? Our new range makes washing your perfect pooch easier than it has ever been before!

Our dog shampoo bars are paw shaped to ensure you can get a good grip and come in a range of varieties to suit any dog. Each of the bars in our dog shampoo range are Vegan friendly and eco-friendly. Reduce your use of plastic by swapping to a shampoo bar not just for you but for your dog. Don’t worry about storage as each of our dog shampoo bars come with a storage/travel pod which is made from recycled materials.

Our Dog Shampoo Bar Range:

Baby Fresh Dog Shampoo Bar

The Baby Fresh Dog Shampoo Bar is created using Aloe Vera to be kind to your dogs skin and fur while giving a light and fresh scent. Baby Fresh is the perfect dog shampoo bar for owners who enjoy a nice scent for a long time after washing and for dogs that need a good scrub to keep their coat silky and clean.

Key features

  • Aloe Vera for gentle cleansing of the skin and fur
  • Light and enjoyable baby fresh scent

Calming Dog Shampoo Bar

Our Calming Dog Shampoo bar is perfect for nervous pooches in need of a bath. We have created a dog shampoo enriched with Lavender, chamomile, and Patchouli essential oils which will help your dog relax. These relaxing scents are blended with aloe vera to ensure their skin and coat is well taken care of, silky, and clean. We all like to take a relaxing bath after a stressful day and your furry friend is no different so you can pamper them with our Calming dog shampoo.

Key features

  • Scented with Patchouli, Chamomile, and Lavender to help your dog relax and smell beautiful after their bath.
  • Contains Aloe Vera for gentle cleansing of the skin and coat.
  • Reduced stress at bath times as the bar is easy to hold and avoids spills making it quicker and easier to wash your dog. Less stress for dog and owner.

Conditioning Dog Shampoo Bar

The Conditioning Dog Shampoo Bar in our range is perfect for ensuring your dog’s coat stays soft and silky. It contains both Aloe Vera and Marula Oil which offer moisture and conditioning for your dog’s coat. Treat your dog to a well-conditioned coat with a lovely pineapple and coconut scent.

Key features

  • Aloe Vera for gentle cleansing of the skin and coat.
  • Marula Oil for deep conditioning of your dog’s coat
  • Lovely pineapple and coconut scent

Sensitive Dog Shampoo Bar

Does your dog have sensitive skin and need a simple dog shampoo? Our sensitive dog shampoo bar is the perfect choice for dogs with sensitive skin. This paw shaped bar contains oat extract, aloe vera, and shea butter to nourish and cleanse without causing irritation. This dog shampoo is also unscented to ensure it is suitable for dogs with sensitive skin.

Key features

  • Aloe Vera for gentle cleansing of the skin and coat.
  • Oat extract to soothe the skin and Shea Butter to cleanse.
  • Unscented to prevent irritation.

Tea Tree Dog Shampoo Bar

Our tea tree dog shampoo is formulated to provide antibacterial properties which help keep your dog clean and healthy. Dog shampoo formulated with tea tree can prevent skin from becoming itchy, prevent skin problems, and heal small skin issues. This natural antibacterial is mixed with aloe vera to ensure your dog is happy, healthy, and clean.

Key features

  • Made with Tea Tree essential oil which is a natural antibacterial to help keep skin healthy.
  • Contains Aloe Vera for gentle cleansing of the skin and coat.
  • Tea Tree oil also gives a light botanical scent.

Whitening Dog Shampoo Bar

All dog owners know that your dog will get into everything they aren’t supposed to and for dogs with white fur this can mean they end up with a discoloured coat. Even dog food can leave discolouration around their mouth. Our Whitening dog shampoo uses purple pigment to cancel out yellow tones in your dog’s fur safely. This leaves your dog with a clean and lovely bright white coat that smells of violets and rose.

Key features

  • Contains Aloe Vera for gentle cleansing of the skin and coat.
  • Purple pigment to cancel out yellowing in your dog’s coat leaving it white again.
  • Leaves a pleasant Violet and Rose scent

Tips For Washing Your Dog:

Our dog shampoo bars are designed to make it much easier to wash your dog with an ergonomic paw shaped design, easy to rinse suds, and no slippery bottle to spill down the drain wasting product. It can be hard work getting your dog to stay still and be bathed so here’s a few key tips:

  1. Prepare all the stuff you need beforehand to reduce stress on your dog being in the bath for longer. Grab your shampoo bar, towel, and anything else you may need.
  2. Use lukewarm water to make sure your dog is comfortable.
  3. Start with your dog’s tail, you are less likely to have your dog shake water all over you and your bathroom if you leave their head and face until last.
  4. Avoid getting water inside your dogs ears, wash their ears gently by hand if you have to.

Our range of dog shampoo is making pampering your dog in the bath and keeping them clean easier. The Soap Story dog shampoo range is ideal with formulas to suit any dog and with delightful scents to suit any owner. Make bathing your dog anywhere easy with an ergonomic dog shampoo bar with a handy carry pod. You even reduce your plastic waste by getting rid of slippery bottles of dog shampoo. It’s all round easier for you and your beloved pooch making more time for snuggles.

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